My artwork is intended to connect to an individual's sense of wellbeing and familiarity enough that they welcome it into their lives. I hope my work will invoke the reminiscence of a comfortable moment from the past that they will want to revisit time after time. The value of that accomplishment motivates me as an artist.

In exploring the link between mood and color, my paintings evoke a sense of pleasure and comfort through the manipulation of light sources. I am inspired by the emotion of the underlying aspects of everyday life, like the scene of a quiet street corner or the view from a window during dusk. I hope viewers of my work envision themselves in the scene, and perhaps grow from the experience, learning to appreciate things they would otherwise overlook.

My work reflects aspects of both realism and impressionism. I studied the works of Rembrandt and his use of light to bring focus and Hopper and his ability to shape the mood of the moment. Recently I've experimented with the process of plein air painting. I spent several months painting on location where I developed a series of New England landscape studies, several of which were further developed into larger scale studio paintings. The urgency of capturing the fleeting light or approaching storm will inspire the development of the loose painterly brush style that I desire in my work.